Detailed Features

  1. Superior, documented accuracy of IOL power calculation in any type of eye, including long and short eyes and post-LASIK eyes.
  2. Latest generation multiple-variable algorithm to predict the postoperative ACD, including the newly developed concept of the ‘C-constant’ (patent pending).
  3. Support for history and non-history IOL power calculation for the post-LASIK case. Enjoy the ‘K-reading assistant‘ for the post-LASIK case.
  4. The corneal power is calculated as true net power based on anterior and posterior curvatures as well as conic coefficients when available.
  5. Support for the refractive effect of toric and aspheric implants taking the spherical aberration into account.
  6. Prediction of entire sphero-cylinder (sphere, cylinder, axis and spherical equivalent) after surgery.
  7. Perform exact ray tracing with calculation of spherical aberration, effective focus and point-spread function.
  8. On-line data validation with programmable levels of plausibility checks to filter out bad measurements or typing errors.
  9. Automatic calculation of surgically induced changes (SIC) of refraction and corneal astigmatism.
  10. Calculate the IOL power in situ based on the actual refractive data and biometry – useful in the diagnostics of refractive surprises.
  11. Integrated database system with import/export in standard format (including import of data from Carl Zeiss Meditec IOLMaster ©, Haag-Streit Lenstar LS900 ® and Oculus Pentacam ©)
  12. Network support for multi-user environment.
  13. Easy-to-use Report Generator. Make report of any sets of variables with user defined search variables and conditions.
  14. A ‘Refractive Outcome Wizard’ helps you perform optimization of the IOL constants and keep track of your surgical results.
  15. Export entire database or reports to Microsoft Excel © or other spreadsheets for further analysis or import/export data between PhacoOptics ® and external software.
    On-line extensive help system and Manual with scientific references.
  16. Forget about fudged ‘thin-lens’ formulas and ‘black-box’ magic – PhacoOptics ® can deal with the measured, physical data without the use of equivalent K-readings or other fudge factors. PhacoOptics ® will manage ocular refraction as true optics !

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