Download Conditions

PhacoOptics ® is available as a stand-alone PC-software for Microsoft Windows © 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

In order to download you must register. As a registered user you can download a trial version of the program which will be available under the download menu after registered login. Just add the trial version (price 0,-) to your basket and proceed to checkout to get the link. The trial (demo) version will work for 30 days or 30 sessions, whichever are consumed first.

The trial version of PhacoOptics ® is fully operational in the IOL power calculation service but have limitations in the database and the report facilities. To gain unrestricted and permanent access to the program a valid license key is needed. The license key can be converted from the product key and is obtainable on this site when you purchase the program.

As a licensed user you have full access to the documentation, customer support, and other useful links.

Please note that the program will stop after the trial period has expired. It may be difficult to restart the program if you have not replaced the trial key with the license key before the trial period has expired.