Program Overview

PhacoOptics1 ® is a powerful IOL power calculation and data management system for the ophthalmic lens surgeon to improve the refractive outcome of IOL implantation. Based on exact ray tracing (Snell’s law of refraction) and paraxial ray tracing (Gaussian Optics) the IOL power calculation in this system has a superior efficiency, as documented by the scientific publications by Thomas Olsen, MD, the originator of this program.

The system is available as a stand-alone PC software system made for Microsoft Windows © (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10). Fully installed the software includes a comprehensive manual and help system to guide the user safely through the many aspects and pit-falls of IOL power calculation.

Improved prediction of IOL position means higher accuracy!

PhacoOptics ® IOL power calculation incorporates the latest generation ELP (estimated lens plane) prediction algorithms, including the patented C-constant concept by which the physical IOL position is predicted from the preoperative anatomy of the crystalline lens (anterior chamber depth and lens thickness). In this way the IOL power can be predicted not only in long and short eyes, but also in eyes with steep or flat corneas, in post-LASIK cases, in keratoconus  and other unconventional eyes.

‘True corneal power’ analysis!

Conventional keratometry is based on measurements of the anterior surface of the cornea only. However, for a complete description of the effective corneal power (spherical and cylindrical) the posterior surface of the cornea also needs to be considered. PhacoOptics ® supports data handling of  posterior cornea measurements as can be obtained by modern anterior segment imaging systems (Scheimpflug, OCT) and this can be of benefit in toric implantations in post-LASIK cases and other unusual corneas.

Keep track of your surgical results!

The database system of PhacoOptics ® constitutes a mini-electronic case record system. You can save clinical data, import and export data in different formats. A highly efficient report-generator facilitates the statistical analysis of any variable with programmable search criteria. In this way it is easy to assess, document and fine tune your refractive outcome.


1 Phaco – derived from greek ‘phakós’, term used for the human crystalline lens